Ten Times TRSAC (2020)

All the tracks used for Music Competitions and Videos were released at TRSAC from 2009 to 2019.

Sunrise Over Beijing
We came to party
Creating the Superduck (Duck'n'Bass Edit)
Planetary War
The Awesome Power of Nuclear Energy (Compo Edit)
The Warrior (Remix by Hazel)
ROTY 2013 Invite (SceneSat)
Why you should not make music when zombies ate your brain
The Lost Race - 1x1 - The First Evidence
At the end of the Universe (They listen to ACID)
Return of The Forgotten Grandmaster
Space Orbiter (Demo Edit)
Planet 9 is Alive
Ashid vs Evil Deed
Kung of FU (The Drunken Ninja)
Lake Acid (There is something down there)
The Caravan Boogeyman drank all the Schnapps
When the Sun is Gone

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