HazelThe Last Trip Down Memory Lane (2020)
HazelRe:Life (on "The Sound of SceneSat 4") 2018
HazelThrough the Eyes of Science (And the Agony of War) (on "The Sound of Scenesat 4") 2018
HazelTo the Moon at Last (on "The Sound of SceneSat 4") 2018
HazelHazel - Living in a Dream (on "The Sound of Scenesat 3") 2014
HazelI Feel The Wind Beneath My Wings (on "The Sound of SceneSat 3") (2014)
HazelToo Many Balls To Handle (Intro) (Music Compo at PixelJam 2013)
HazelThe Key (5th In The ReVision 2012 Streamed Music Competition)
HazelTime (on "The Sound of Scenesat 2") 2011
HazelFrom Denmark With Love (on "The Sound of SceneSat 2") 2011
HazelObjects in the Sky (on "The Sound of Scenesat 2") (2011)
HazelOne Man, One Button & The End of Mankind (on "The Sound of SceneSat 2") 2011
HazelSweet Memories (feat. Kate Lesing) (2010)
HazelThe Children of Sputnik (Got The Power) (on "The Sound of Scenesat 1") 2009
HazelThe Satellites We Love (on "The Sound of Scenesat 1") 2009
HazelForgotten Kingdom (Re-Mastered 2008)
HazelGame Of Pain (used in video "Funky Legs" by FTV) 2007
HazelThe Battle For Freedom (used in video "First Contact" by FTV) 2006)
HazelDrunken Noise (Meltdown 2005 Tracked Music Compo)
HazelBeyond The Sky (Meltdown 2005 Streaming Music Compo)
HazelNew Paradise (Party Version) (3rd in Meltdown 2004 Music Compo)