64 Reasons to Live (2006)

Jeroen TelBeginning (Let There Be Light) (Remix by Hazel)
Ben DaglishBombo (Break The Beat) (Remix by Hazel)
Anthony LeesCaptain America (The Birth Of A Hero) (Remix by Hazel)
Paul NormanAztec Challenge (The Angry Gods) (Remix by Hazel)
Rob HubbardSynth Sample 3 (Alternate Reality Edit) (Remix by Hazel)
Chris HülsbeckJinks (Remix by Hazel)
Rob HubbardPandora (Aliens Ate My Brain) (Remix by Hazel)
Markus SchneiderKaos (Final Edition) (Remix by Hazel)
Ben DaglishHades Nebula (Race For The Moon) (Remix by Hazel)
Johannes BjerregaardEagles (Ibiza Club Mix) (Remix by Hazel)
Ben DaglishDeathscape (Tran(c)elate This) (Remix by Hazel)
David WhittakerEnduro Racer (Living In The Fastlane) (Remix by Hazel)
Rob HubbardDelta (End Theme) (Remix by Hazel)
LaxityDesert Dream (Return Of The Ankh) (Remix by Hazel)
Hazel64 Reasons To Live
HazelSYS64738 (A Second Chance)

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